Reginald Denny


The Book

  True story of legendary actor, adventurer, and unmanned aviation pioneer Reginald Denny portrayed for the first time in this personal narrative by his granddaughter who takes us on an emotional voyage to the past with Reggie's inventive flight into the future.



  • October 5 - 12: Pordenone, Italy at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto 38
  • October 13: Aviano Air Base, Italy.
  • October 14: London, England at the Royal Air Force Museum. 
  • October 15: London, England at The Beaumont
  • November 11 - 25: Southern California, Northrop Grumman, Western Museum of Flight, Hollywood Heritage Museum (dates to be announced)


About The Author

An avid lover of the arts, nature, and traveling, Kimberly Pucci has spent her adventurous life as a voyager among the stars. After spending three decades performing in high-profile roles at major Hollywood studios, Kim nests in the Cascades where she has come out with her latent role as writer. She now brings several treasured projects to life including the biographical tribute to her grandfather, Prince of Drones: The Reginald Denny Story.